Waitress Huge Disaster – by Poo Alexa

Waitress Huge Disaster

I ask my boss why the restroom doors are locked and he said that we are not allowed to used the restroom until the restaurant is closed, the girls take to long and the customers get upset that their orders are getting cold. I go back to work serving the customers, that’s when you come in and I am desperate to go the restroom I take your drink order and get it made for you, when I return it becomes worse and worse. When you are finished and ready to leave I just cannot hold it any longer I have a huge accident in my panties through my tights the bulge is huge! I try and play it off as if nothing is wrong but I think you knew and that’s why you left me such a big tip!! I walk to the restroom and look at the mess, omg how can I return to work like this, a little gets on my hands and then I take a hand full and smear it on my body I secretly like the smell and the way it makes me feel, I cover myself rubbing it all over my clit until I orgasm in the restroom!